Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spice Horn

Do you like an African culture? / Picture/ This work of art that is a spice horn is from Ethiopia, Africa in 1965s. It is made of a cow horn that is about 25 cm length, red leather, and a cotton fabric. African peoples’ life style was a tribe and they farmed their tribe. Furthermore, they went to hunt and they ate a meal which comes from animal having no teeth in their upper jaw and cloven-shaped hooves, including cattle, varieties of antelope, and a gazelle. Ethiopia people always carried the spice horn especially they went to hunt. The spice horn used to carry mixed powder spices that were dried red paper, black paper, and some kinds of salt for seasonable raw meat because their traditional food was a meat and they always used it. Nowadays, this traditional life style has been keeping till now. In my opinion, it’s not special art since some countries people also were used cow horn for keeping water and any drinking. However, this container is part of history about a culture of Ethiopia.
If you are interesting in this container and would you want to learn an African culture, you can look at it in museum, SIU.